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dj Bodies is a Dance conditioning class we have personally created and present to you. Using all the knowledge we have obtained working in both the dance and Fitness industries,  in a dj Bodies class we share with you , a taste of what it feels like to dance and perform to your favourite artists!
  Each workout is themed to a different Pop Artist, so you will dance your way through the sexy sounds of Rhianna, Kylie, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, Janet and Michael Jackson, JT, Madonna, Beyonce, Kanye, Usher, Katy Perry, Whitney Housten... and SO many more of your fave artists.
When you step into a dj Bodies class you will work on increasing stamina, flexibility and strength, while letting loose and leaving all your inhibitions at the door, feeling like your favourite Pop star!
     In a djBODIES class you will dance your way through your warm up, followed by some body conditioning tracks and a ballet barre warm up, to fire up the stabilisers and get the mind and body switched on, to then bring you onto your dance floor, well prepared for your centre cardio tracks, resistance work, dancers conditioning, a good stretch and flexibility training.
Come along for a boogie, good sweat and a laugh, set to some of our favourite tracks! 
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